Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Katrina Tour

Some of the devastation in the 9th ward. The X's were used by search teams checking houses in the aftermath of Katrina. The top of the X shows the date, either side has information about what agency was conducting the search, and the bottom number shows any bodies that were found.

There are famous images of the Circle Food Store in the upper 9th during the flood. It has yet to re-open.

In many cases you have homes that were re-built right next to others that haven't been touched since they were inundated.

Lakeview was another area that was completely devastated when the 17th street canal levy broke.

Where the levy broke. The gray cement on the left is newer and shows where the breach was repaired.

The new pumps on the 17th street canal... installed post Katrina

Make it Right New Orleans is an organization helping to rebuild the lower 9th with eco-friendly flood-resistant homes that will benefit families such as this one.

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